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    GREEN TECH Bio-based Penetrating and Lubricating Oil from the SOPPEC PRO TECH range is a high-performance product in DITYBAG packaging and can only be used with DITYBOX. It offers a very good water separation with a high level of protection against corrosion thanks to the residual film. The product ensures Dirt-penetrating and dissolving power.  It also...

  • Penetrating oil and lubricant

    A very effective blend offering exceptional penetration that lubricates and dissolves rust. The graphite penetrating oil is recommended for releasing seized metallic parts such as screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, tools, gears, chains, locks, all materials used for fixing, aluminium and steel connectors, etc. Can be applied to all types of metal and to brake...

    77,40 €
  • Rust solvent

    A very effective treatment to release rusted or seized parts such as locks, screws, nuts, hinges, metal fixings, etc. Product with a very high penetrating capacity and resistant to humidity and corrosion.

    59,40 €
  • Shock Spray

    The Rust remover shock spray is a perfect solution to release seized or rusted parts. The spray produces a thermal shock that breaks rust and unblocks jammed elements. Ideal for releasing screw fixings, gears, locks, fixing materials, etc.

    59,40 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items